Renewed Assisted Living Apartments in Birmingham, AL

Proveer at Grande View Offers Fantastic Benefits for Seniors and Their Furry Friends

Assisted living in Birmingham, AL has an exciting new senior housing and care option. Making the best decision for your loved one’s living situation is a significant priority. Aging family members deserve a home with everything they need under one roof.

Seniors need to spend their time in a place that caters to their health, ability levels, and well-being. Assisted living apartments are one of the best options for senior living.

In Birmingham, there are multiple options for assisted living, but today we will talk about a refreshed and renewed senior living community with a Grande View.

Proveer at Grande View | Bistro
Proveer at Grande View bistro

What is an assisted living apartment?

Assisted living apartments are senior living options that provide the best of both worlds: independence and personalized care.

These apartments are designed for seniors who want to live independently but may require some assistance with everyday activities, such as:

  • Dressing
  • Bathing
  • Personal care and hygiene
  • Taking medication
  • Eating
  • Mobility

Best of all, these senior homes are maintenance-free. That includes housekeeping and trash removal. An assisted living space is typically housed in a larger community that offers meals, activities, transportation, and concierge services.

These senior apartments make life easier and remove tasks that become a hassle with age.

The Benefits of Proveer at Grande View Assisted Living Apartments

Proveer at Grande View is an excellent choice for senior living apartments in the Birmingham area. Let’s look at the fantastic benefits of Proveer at Grande View.

Cost-Effective Pricing

The cost of living for seniors can rack up quickly. In Birmingham, the average one-bedroom apartment costs around $1,089. That cost, of course, is not all-inclusive and will vary depending on location. Seniors will still have to pay for:

  • Fluctuating utility costs
  • Groceries
  • Transportation, car payments, car insurance
  • Maintenance or landscaping services
  • Cable and internet
  • Visiting care services if needed
  • Pet-rent

On the other hand, assisted living in Birmingham averages around $4,028 per month. However, all the things listed above and much more are included in the cost. Residents and family members are blessed with Peace of Mind knowing support is always available.

Proveer at Grande View welcomes pets because we understand that furry friends are family members too!

Tailored Care Plans

Proveer at Grande View has certified and trained professionals who carry out personalized care plans for each resident. These plans help seniors live life confidently and independently. Our professional team is here to assist with activities of daily living.

Older adults who are active and social are less likely to develop dementia. However, to help plan for the future, our community also offers comprehensive memory care services.

Memory care is a type of senior housing for people with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Despite memory loss, we encourage these residents to be just as active and social as assisted living seniors. A high level of care is available to these residents.

Recreation Programs

Assisted living apartments in our community come with an exciting and engaged social lifestyle. Seniors can participate in daily activities like arts and crafts, games, and social gatherings.

Our Farm-to-Table dining experience offers a tasty way for residents to connect over chef-prepared meals. Giving seniors a sense of community is an incredible benefit of our assisted living apartments.

Pet-Friendly Assisted Living Apartments are a Great Option for Seniors

Pets can be a significant source of comfort, companionship, and stress relief. Some seniors suffer from depression and anxiety, and having a pet in their assisted living apartment can improve their mental health.

Proveer at Grande View | Senior man and this therapy dog
Budimir Jevtic –

Proveer at Grande View is a pet-friendly assisted living community that understands how important pets are to their owners.

Pets can provide seniors joy, fun, and entertainment, making them feel more engaged and satisfied with life.


Don’t Wait! Call us to tour assisted living apartments in Birmingham, Alabama.

Proveer at Grande View is an excellent option for seniors who need assisted living in Birmingham. Contact us to arrange a tour of our recently renovated senior living community.

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